• What is a healthy-brand?

It’s not a good-for-you food snack.  But it could be.  A healthy-brand is ANY product or service that THRIVES within its competitive context, regardless of category, industry, or business situation.

  • Does yours thrive?

If your answer is “no,” then something is wrong with your marketing.  One or more of your four “P’s” – product, price, promotion, and place – and/or the experience you’re giving isn’t right.

  • We can help you.  We do THREE things well.


First, we’re a marketing consultancy that creates meaningful strategy to get brands back on-track.  We obsessively focus on helping you get the right answers to the WHO, the WHAT, and the HOW of your brand.

Second, we create meaningful content, including Web 2.0 content, that can help change your customer’s minds and hearts about your brand.

  • How do we do this??

We’ve paired slightly gray-haired, native English-speaking, P&G-level marketing talent with a gaggle of tech-savvy, native English-speaking youngsters with an occasional piercing or random tattoo.   Combining these two necessarily inter-dependent talent pools is what works best in today’s world of branding in new and emerging media.

And the last thing we do well is Activate your Content.  Meaningful content, though, must appear in meaningful places at meaningful times.

So, we activate in the forms of:

  • Web site creation
  • Digital video storytelling
  • Social media marketing – Google (SEO), Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Mobile marketing (apps)
  • Presentations – PowerPoint, Keynote, multi-media
  • Trade show marketing – before, during, and after
  • Printed materials (yes, we still do that!)

All for you.  So your brand can be a healthy-brand, too.

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