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Meet our tech-savvy group of Strategic Consultants, Digital Artists, Content Writers, Project Managers, Reputation Managers, and more …

Though is headquartered in Belgium, the land of many languages intersecting, our ranks are purposefully filled with native-English speaking talent from the US, UK, and Australia, mixed in with a handful of Belgian folks.

Most of our clients are companies that do business in English, either internally as the official language or with their English-speaking customers. So, this is a competitive advantage for vs. other firms in Belgium.  We have, however, in-house expertise in four languages beyond English – Dutch, French, Spanish, and German – for the creation of content.

On the tech side, our team’s digital skills are wide and deep, despite their youthful appearance.  Whether it’s building a web site, creating a digital video that tells a story for your brand, or as simple, yet important, as the creation of a meaningful, story for your business in PowerPoint, we have the digital chops to get the deed done.

We love our team at, not only for their work ethic and creativity, but also for their occasional tattoos and random piercings. Piercings and tattoos are cool.