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03 March

Thank you for visiting the healthy-brands blog.

It’s fitting that this Inaugural blog-post be a manifesto. Here’s what we deeply believe:

  • Commercial success (or failure) of every business correlates to kick-ass (or crappy) marketing, regardless of your product, service, category, industry, or current situation.
  • Marketing encompasses the traditional 4P’s – product, price, promotion, and place – AND, most importantly, the brand experience your brand delivers your customer, good or bad.
  • A healthy-brand is any brand that THRIVES within its competitive context. So, it’s not a good-for-you snack, for example, though it could be.
  • If your brand is not thriving, then something must be wrong with your marketing. We can help you.
  • Marketing is nothing more than intelligently “making a promise” and dutifully “keeping it.” Or not. And if you don’t keep your promises, sell your business.
  • The healthiest of brands embody the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  • If there were one idea that brands need to contemplate more than any other idea, it would be “Brand Authenticity.”
  • With Marketing, as in Life, the Truth always comes out. Re-read the idea above about “Brand Authenticity.”

And, lastly …

  • Marketing is not brain surgery. But people that do your Marketing better be strategic, insightful, hard-working, and creative as heck.

So, if your brand is not thriving, we would love it if you asked for our help.  Helping brands thrive through three disciplines is what we do:

  • STRATEGY – obsessive focus on the Who, the What, and the How,
  • CONTENT CREATION – regardless of media, and
  • ACTIVATION – for our Web 2.0 world.

We want your brand to THRIVE.   So call us.  Or Tweet us.  Go ahead – tweet.


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